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The Visit of Senior Command and Staff Course 06 to 305 Brigade Tactical Headquarters in Kinigi on 15 September 2017

On Friday 15 September 2017 from 0800 to 1300 hours, students of the Senior Command and Staff Course 06 (SCSC 06) accompanied by Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College (RDFCSC) faculty visited 305 Brigade Tactical Headquarters in Kinigi. The visit meant to educate students on the layout and responsibilities of various elements of a Bde HQ in the field.

The RDFCSC visiting delegation was welcomed by Col PC Nyemazi, 305 Brigade Commander, who, assisted by his ably staff officers, briefed the delegation on the tactical deployment of the Brigade. He concluded by inviting the delegation to rightfully appreciate the difficulties involved in movement and deployment of troops in the field, and more specifically, the maintenance and sustenance of the same troops.

During the visit, various Brigade Command Support, Combat Support, and Combat Service Support (CSS) elements demonstrated and presented on their functions, roles and responsibilities to enable the Brigade fulfill its mission. Emphasis was put on the support provided by CSS units within the Brigade Admin Area (BAA).

The various briefings and demonstrations enabled students to appreciate the complexities of moving, deploying and sustaining a formation in the field and the functions of its component cells inside a tactical HQ.

Indeed at the end of the visit, students had clear understanding of the tactical considerations in sitting and organizing a Bde Tac HQ in the field as well as its supporting BAA. Also, Students got to understand functions, roles and responsibilities of various cells of a Bde HQ and various elements of CSS within a BAA in support of a Brigade.

In the offered vote of thanks, RDFCSC students and faculty appreciated the effort, commitment and cooperation offered by 305 Bde Commander and his Staff towards the realization of the visit objective.