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Senior Command and Staff Course (SCSC) 07 conducted an Assault River Crossing and Offensive Operations Tactical Exercise Without Troops (TEWTs) from 8 to 18 December 2018

Students of SCSC 07 conducted indoor planning and discussions of an Assault River Crossing (MAPEX) and Offensive Operation (TEWT) which were concluded by outdoor applications in the general area of GAKENKE District.

An Assault River Crossing MAP EXERCISE (MAPEX) nicknamed INYOGARUZI was designed to practice students in the planning and conduct of Assault River Crossing operations at Brigade level in operations of war.
Specifically, the main objectives of Assault River Crossing were to assess student’s ability to plan for an assault river crossing operation using combat estimate as a tool, to ascertain student’s ability to select suitable staging areas for opposed river crossing. To evaluate student’s understanding of tactics and procedures for conducting assault river crossing operations and also to assess their understanding of the employment of principals of various combat support arms in assault river crossing operations.

Offensive Operations nicknamed TERA UMWANZI is an offensive MAPEX focused on exercising students in the planning and conducts of an Offensive Operation in a manoeuvrist setting using the combat estimate at Brigade Level. The exercise involved Operations at Formation level

At the end of Exercise Offensive operations, the students have the ability to plan and conduct a deliberate attack, an enhanced understanding of combat estimate as a decision making tool, and also an enhanced understanding and ability to apply battle procedures, time analysis as well as fire support and engineer support planning during offensive operations

DS sponsor briefing the all DS about the conduct of the exercises.

The College Commandant followed the conduct of the exercises.

Briefing by DS sponsor to the students.

Debrief by Deputy Commandant/Chief Instructor.