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Senior Command and Staff Course (SCSC)06 Conducted Combat Estimate (7 Questions) Tutorial Exercise nicknamed UMUSINGI

From 28 September to 10 October 2017, students of SCSC 06 conducted the “Exercise UMUSINGI”. It is a tutorial exercise designed to practice students on decision making and planning process using 7 questions of the combat estimate. Estimate process is a logical process of reasoning by which a commander considers all the circumstances affecting the military situation and arrives at a decision. Decision making is knowing if to decide, then when and what to decide. Decisions are means by which the commander translates his vision of the end state into action.

Estimate is a principal tool in Command and Staff and decision making. Combat estimate is one of the types of estimate process that students have to practice. Therefore, the tutorial exercise considered a tactical planning problem at brigade level, in a war fighting environment.

The primary teaching objectives for this tutorial package include full understanding and practical application of 7 questions of the combat estimate, full understanding and application of the Intelligence Preparation of the Battle space (IPB) process, Understanding of Effects Based Planning (EBP) and Effect Based Operations (EBO), and greater understanding of the manoeuvrist approach to warfare, Mission Command and the Decision Action Cycle.

The secondary objectives are through understanding of battle procedure and time analysis; how to give Oral Orders and Briefings; Written Orders: Warning Orders, Operation Orders and Overlays Operation Orders. How to Use of operational graphics, Task Organization and schematics, and Methods of War gaming and how to run one.