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Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College organised a farewell party to outgoing Ghana Military Assistance Training Team (GMATT) and welcomed a new Team on Thursday 1 November 2018

On 1 November 2018, the College organized refreshment for the entire College fraternity to welcome incoming and say good bye to outgoing Ghana Military Assistance Training Team (GMATT).

Col W DZANDU – HEDIDOR, the Head of Research and Development and leader of the GMATT on behalf of the team in the College delivered the message and thanked all who joined them in this social gathering. Also GMATT thanked the college fraternity for the experience gained through speeches and tokens of appreciation.

On behalf of the College entire fraternity, The General Coordinator, Col FM ITANGAYENDA, congratulated outgoing Ghana team and wished incoming team happy stay to the College as DS. He said that: “A very good evening to the respected H/R&D, Head AQ, Course Coordinators, DS and my dear none teaching Staff. As we all know the reason of gathering here. On behalf of the Comdt and the members of the faculty, and on my own behalf, I would like to speech about some nice memories of my beloved colleagues at their farewell party. It is very sad to say that my colleagues are going far from us and join another college. However, I am very happy also for his success and join another college as DS. GMATT Members and their works would always be in our heart forever. I really liked and enjoyed their friendship for two years and never know how the two years have gone. Now the happy moment has been over and we are here today for their farewell. It is not believable that we have spent lots of nice time with them however it is very true that it’s really been long.

GMATT Members are very much liked by the students because of their nice behavior, disciplined nature and way of dealing with them. They become always full of ideas and things as well as keep themselves up-to-date which makes them different than others. In the early days of their joining, it took some time for me to understand them. They taught students in their own way and what they need. They always helped us in our difficult times and made us able to face more difficult situations. GMATT Members are the men with combination of energetic, enthusiastic, honesty, love, disciplined, and inspirational for all the students. They have left many memories in my mind which makes me happy. I never forget Ghana coffee with them in the mess. Lastly, I want to say that I would be grateful to you forever for your encouraging and inspiring company.

WG CDR R DANSO receiving token of appreciation

Lt Col H K NDITSI receiving token of appreciation.

CDR DKA EGHAN receiving token of appreciation


‘It is my privilege that I am standing here, at this prestigious stage and given the opportunity to say warm words of welcome to the new GMATT Members. I cordially welcome the DSs on behalf of our institution. We are obliged to you, for choosing this valued profession. Many of people don’t think it as important as doctors, engineers. But who are the one who make them, who are the worthy personalities who make students able to be at superior level.

You the DSs are the mentors of armies; DSs are the ideal personality for them. They follow DSs, their rules, their lifestyle, and their habits. Being popular among students and being the one from whom they are afraid of, they are happy with, they are frank with is the charm of teaching/directing. With a positive attitude and a sense of humor, you will create wonderful learning environment for your students. It is said that, Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. Teachers are the one who bring about change in student’s life with fun, excitement and develop joy of learning in them. You are the one who guide students, help them in setting an aim, supports them in every condition and make chances for them to come forward. We found ourselves lucky to have such talented and competent personalities as DSs among us. We are really thankful to you for choosing this and thinking this profession valuable are commendable’

Incoming GMATT members are composed of Lt Col Ebenezer Mark ALO, Cdr Donkor KWASI KYEREMATEN and Wg Cdr Manukure-Atiemo KWABENA KISSIEDU.