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Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College observes Uganda’s 56th Independence Anniversary

On 9 October 2018, the Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College joined Uganda, in celebrating her 56th independence anniversary. On this day, the College organized refreshments for the entire College fraternity to commemorate the event.

In line with College tradition as usual, the Uganda national anthem was played during the refreshment.

For this memorable day, Lt Col Charles AREMU (Allied student from Uganda) highlighted the history that “Uganda was a creation of Colonialism like many African Countries and attained its independence on 9 Oct 62 from the British colonialists. Uganda derives its name from Buganda kingdom. In 1890, Anglo-German agreement declared Uganda to be in the British sphere of influence in Africa. On 9 October 1962, Uganda was declared independent by the British. Dr. Apollo Milton OBOTE became the first Executive Prime Minister and Sir Edward Muteesa KABAKA of Buganda as the ceremonial President. He was later toppled by Idi Amin Dada in a military coup in 1971. The December 1980 elections returned President Milton OBOTE (OBOTE II Regime) under UPC who ruled until 27 July 1985. Milton OBOTE was toppled by Tito OKELLO who ruled for six months and was deposed by the National Resistance Army (NRA) under the leadership of the current President, Yoweri Kaguta MUSEVENI”.

On behalf of the College entire fraternity, The General Coordinator, Col FM ITANGAYENDA, congratulated and wished happy independence day to the Ugandan senior officers currently at the College e.g. Lt Col JK SIYARETA, a Directing Staff, Lt Col C AREMU and Maj JK MUHINDO as students. Here I quote: “We are happy to join you on this memorable day when Uganda is celebrating 56 years of independence. It’s really great to born and live in a free country not less than dream world. We should pay gratitude and huge respect to freedom fighters those who lay down their lives to let us born in free Africa. It was long straggle since 1900 to date. We fought real hard to see the day light in Free Africa. But still we are facing many problems from those we should get free as soon as possible and let the nations grow in double speed. Poverty, Illiteracy & corruptions are hurting our economy so badly. If come together so we can conquer all the harms with our aim of Africa super power by 2063”. End of quote.