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Offensive Operations Tactical Exercise Without Troops (TEWT) for Junior Command and Staff Course (JCSC) 12 conducted in Rubavu district on 15 January 2019

Students of JCSC 12 conducted an Offensive Operations (TEWT) nicknamed NESHA UMWANZI. It was a 5 day Offensive Operations conducted from 11 to 15 January 2019, with model discussions in the College followed by an outdoor application in the general area of RUBAVU District.

Exercise NESHA UMWANZI was set at Brigade Group level, where students were practiced as Brigade Commanders and Staff. Therefore, the Exercise focused on exercising students in the planning and conduct of an Offensive Operation in a manoeuvrist setting using the Combat Estimate at Brigade Group level.

The main objectives of Exercise were properly to conduct a Combat Estimate in Offensive Operations and demonstrate an understanding of the application of practices and produces of offensive operations at tactical level as well as to discuss the concept of operations and the employment of Support Arms at Brigade Group level.

In conducting the exercise, Students were to use the previous experience to produce workable plans supported by relevant overlays and sketches during presentation.

At the end of the exercise students were able to Plan and conduct a deliberate attack at Brigade Group Level and they have the ability to describe and analyse the ground in details.