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On 12 December 2021, the RDFCSC fraternity joined one Directing Staff (DS) and 2 students from the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) to celebrate the Independence of the Republic of Kenya. The 3 senior officers (Lt Col Benson Mwangi KARUIMBO (DS) Maj Binti Omar MGUA and Maj Isaac Ruto TOROROREI) are part of the exchange programme between the 2 sister Armies.

The Independence Day commemorates the day Kenya’s flag was hoisted for the first time, marking full independence won from the British colony. The flag embraced an identity of a free people and recalled the sacrifices that had been made to win the freedom. At the same time, the Kenyan national anthem was heard for the first time, praying for peace, unity, justice, liberty and calling Kenyan citizens to serve and defend motherland. This year’s celebration was given the theme ’Pamoja Tusonge Mbele’ in recognition and appreciation of the efforts made by Kenyans in contributing to the nation’s socio, economic and political development.

The occasion was graced by the College General Coordinator (G-Coord) Col Frederick ITANGAYENDA on behalf of the College Commandant. The G-Coord appreciated the pain felt and sacrifices made by independence heroes. He congratulated Kenyans for recognizing that nation-building is not a sprint and that no single person or group of persons can make this undertaking alone but rather through teamwork.