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International Study Tour to Israel and Vietnam

Senior officers attending the Senior Command and Staff Course at the RDF Command and Staff College in Nyakinama, Musanze District are scheduled to undertake an International Study Tour to Israel and Vietnam from 28 Mar to 5 Apr 2015. The tour is designed to provide students with the opportunity to undertake an in-depth study of the history, defence and security establishment, geo-political environment and socio-economic initiatives made by the host countries to ensure their security and stability. The precise theme of the tour is: “The Resilience of a Nation in the face of National Security Challenges.”

The participants of the tour will include 76 students and staff from Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and South Sudan.

The objective of the tour is to examine the strides made by host nations in dealing with security challenges including transcending all odds to emerge successful against seemingly stronger adversaries. The college’s decision to visit the two countries was based on their historical record of resilience and collective commitment. Israel and Vietnam are two examples of nations that remained united and strong in the face of enormous threats from within and without their respective borders. Both countries also continued to register high rates of economic growth and improve the welfare of their citizens.

In line with our study tour objectives, the host nations have designed a program to enable the participants to visit several government institutions that include among others the Ministry of Defence and Foreign affairs, security organs and several other government agencies where learning will be facilitated by briefs to be conducted by senior government officials.

The college expects participants to derive immense benefits from this tour including fostering enduring cooperation between our countries.