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The College trains selected officers from various RDF services and formations. It will also admit allied students from regional Defence Forces. The College is accredited to the National University of Rwanda and will offer MA and Post Graduate Diploma in Security Studies with effect from Academic year 2013/14.

Senior Command and Staff Course (SCSC)

“The new course should be consistent with our Country’s Strategy of seeking lasting solutions to the challenges we face…ultimately, the command and staff graduates should be prepared to become catalysts for the transformation of our society.”

HE Paul Kagame’s RDFCSC Inaugural Speech, July 2012

The aim of the SCSC is to prepare selected officers for higher appointments by developing their Command and Leadership skills; through providing broad understanding and knowledge of single and joint services, combined and inter agency operations.

Course Objectives

General Objective. To develop critical and analytical capability with a mind that is flexible and able to conceptualize security issues, so as to make timely and rational decisions in the contemporary volatile and complex operating environment.

Specific Objectives:

• To enhance officers’ knowledge in the art and science of war and geo-strategic factors which shape the international system.

• To improve leadership, Command and management skills in single Service, Joint, Combined and Multi-Agency environments.

• To forge greater understanding of the joint doctrine concepts and how they are applied in the context of single Service, Joint, Combined and Multi-Agency operations.

• To develop greater awareness of the changing roles of defence forces in support of vital national interests.

• To conduct research in Defence and Security.

Junior Command and Staff Course

The course aim is to equip selected officers with the ability to effectively perform command responsibilities at the sub unit level and staff duties at formation level , while providing the basis for further professional development.