ABOUT Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College


Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College (RDFCSC) was inaugurated by The President of the Republic of Rwanda and Commander in Chief of Rwanda Defence Forces, HE Paul KAGAME, on 23 Jul 12.
It is an upgrade of the Rwanda Military Academy established in 2001. The College was formerly one of the campuses of the National University of Rwanda hosting the Faculties of Arts and Education.

It was exchanged with the Ministry of Education for Ecole Superieure Militaire (ESM), the current Kigali Institute of Science and Technology. The College offers various courses and hosts several seminars, workshops and programmes as directed by the RDF HQ.


To become a Regional Centre of Excellence in Military Education and Training that develops Officers with high intellectual and Professional standards in command and control of the Defence Forces.


To develop Officers’ intellectual and Professional Competences in the Command and Control of the Defence Forces as well as conducting research in defence and security issues in order to respond effectively to the challenges of the Complex and dynamic Operating Environment.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Accept responsibility and consequences for your actions whether good or bad.

RESPONSIBILITY: Accountability for what you do or fail to do.

FAIRNESS: like justice, fairness must be impartial.

LOYALTY: Loyalty is the quality of faithfulness to your country, the RDF, your seniors, and your subordinates.

INTEGRITY: Integrity is the quality of absolute honesty, truthfulness, and uprightness of character and moral principles.

HONESTY: Being truthful, straightforward, and candid are aspects of honesty.

CARING/CONSIDERATION: Courtesy and kindness, both to those we serve and to those we work with. Help to ensure that individuals are not treated solely as a means to an end.

RESPECT: Treat people with dignity, to honor privacy, and to allow self-determination.

PROMISE KEEPING: RDF leaders and personnel are obligated to keep their promises in order to promote trust and cooperation.

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS: Public servants must perform their duties within the limits of their authority so that the will of the people is respected.

PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: RDF must set standards of superior diligence and commitment beyond mediocrity.

PATRIOTISM: Love of and devotion to one’s country.

DUTY: Fulfill your obligations.

SELFLESS SERVICE: Put the national, the RDF, and your subordinates’ priorities before your own.

HONOR: Live up to all the RDF values.

VALOR: Courage in defence of a noble cause.