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Students of Junior Command and Staff Course 21, Conducted a Field Training Exercise (FTX) in the general area of Gabiro from 27 September to 6 October 2023.

Musanze on 9 October 2023

Toward the end of the Junior Command and Staff Course 21 (JCSC 21) Programme, students conducted a Field Training Exercise nicknamed SHAMBULIA ADUI from 27th Sep to 6th Oct 2023. The Exercise was conducted in the general area of Gabiro (Eastern Province), where students were exercised at the Brigade level to a Company level. Ex-SHAMBULIA ADUI is a one-week Field Training Exercise (FTX) conducted by students of JCSC which is a one-sided exercise with controlled enemy. It is designed to assess student officers in various aspects of leadership and C3 in the planning and conduct of military operations.

The FTX was a culmination of all theories covered over the last five months and it was an environment where all operations of war and other special operations were practically exercised. The JCSC improves the officers’ command and staff competencies by giving them prerequisite attitudes, knowledge, and skills at the tactical level. It also prepares them for higher military courses such as the Senior Command and Staff Course.

The exercise is set based on a conventional warfare scenario. It is a controlled exercise with a simulated Division HQ manned by Directing Staff (DS). Students play the roles of Bde Comd and Staff, support arms, Bn Comds, and Coy Comds. The enemy was depicted at various strengths determined by the control HQ.

The exercise was overseen by the Army Chief of Staff (ACOS), Lt Gen V NYAKARUNDI, and the Commandant RDFCSC, Brig Gen A NYAMVUMBA. The Comdt stressed the most important prerequisite for training efficiency because realism makes it possible to train just the way you operate.

During the exercise, the Army Chief of Staff (ACOS), Lt Gen V NYAKARUNDI expressed his gratitude towards the faculty members and students for their hard work, and on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Lt Gen M MUBARAKA he conveyed a message of encouragement.

The ACOS praised the students for their achievements and mentioned that they are now capable of serving as battalion commanders and can go on to become brigade commanders. He also acknowledged the students’ understanding of the whole concept of operations.

Issuing of orders by the Commander and Planning process.

During orders in the field area.

Course Senior Major J NDAYISABA thanked his colleagues for their commitment and courage in completing the task.

Group Photo

Debrief at the end of the Exercise at MUTUMBA Hill by Deputy Comdt Col JC NGENDAHIMANA